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So Much Annoyance, So Much Annoyance ....

I haven't been posting lately, for reasons even I'm not quite sure about. I keep meaning to, and I thought I'd gotten back up on the bicycle with one of my mass birthday wish posts (which I really should abandon in favor of on-time birthday wises and birthday cards. You know. That actually stand a chance of reaching the people I want to wish well.) But that didn't work. 

I've had some health issues lately, mostly about abdominal pain. I talked to my GP about intermittent pain making me wonder about my gallbladder, as well as about an increase in mouth problems about which none of you need to hear. She sent me for an abdominal ultrasound, to an otolaryngologist for the mouth, and for an endoscopy, to check my esophagus.

I got a needless jolt when my GP's office called me after the ultrasound to say the doctor "wants you to see a surgeon - here's his number - because the ultrasound shows an enlarged gallbladder and a cyst." Cue nerves ... and then irritation at the office worker because, no, it wasn't an enlarged gallbladder. It was something far more minor.

When I saw the surgeon he essentially said there was nothing on the ultrasound that required his intervention. So, finding a cause in my abdomen for my (perceived at least) abdominal pain appears to be right out. The otolargyngologist pretty much said that the problems in my mouth were probably not connected to my pain issues, which left my upper esophagus as a potential source of the problem.

My Friday endoscopy - which was done with moderate sedation, instead of the deeper almost full anesthesia that my regular GI doc knows I need, but which apparently didn't register with the doctor who did the endoscopy in the former's absence - pretty much showed the same problems that showed up in 2016. They sound disgusting, and are, largely, so I won't indulge in TMI. Basically, however, unless the four biopsies she too during the procedure turn up something, I'm back to "what the hell is causing the pain?"

(That bit about needing full MAC sedation, which is closer to general anesthesia? They pay more attention to your breathing, and an anesthesiologist is involved. Not the case with moderate sedation. When the doctor came in and laughed lightly, saying "You know you forgot to breathe a couple of times. You probably don't remember me slapping your check and telling you to breathe, do you?" Yeah, that was great to hear. Next time, whatever and whenever a "next time" is required, I'll be sure to tell support staff about the MAC recommendation well before they wheel me into a procedure room. *grump*)

Augh. Enough about my health. I think I'll try to figure out something else to post about as soon as possible. 
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