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Dept. of Birthdays

Happy, Happy to all of you!

OMG, so many birthdays, of so many great people!

February 12: Early last month, [personal profile] amberfocus celebrated. She's a fellow Rose fan, whose writing was among the fanfic efforts that drew me into online Who fandom, Here's hoping you had a good day, that all your chickens are roosting properly, and that the coming year is a good one for you.

Feb. 18:
lyricalvioletcelebrated. Her fanfic was among the first I ever read, and its quality was what convinced me that I'd have to up my game if I wanted to jump in the writing pool again. She loves the Ninth Doctor, shares affection for my 9/Rose/Jack OT3, and loves much of the Whoniverse, even if we don't always share affection for various showrunners. Heh ... She's living in Canada, being a union supporter, paying attention to what's down here in Krazy America, ,and I hope her day was extra-specially good!

Another Feb. 18 (Goodness! A triple threat!) birthday - [personal profile] marence , who I dearly hope is having a wonderful life, since she's not around either. She shares my love of music, of Dr. Who, and of good coffee, and I have great memories of sharing a bit of an afternoon with her in downtown Chicago. Perhaps someday we'll have another coffee date. Happy birthday, wherever you are, and may it have been spectacular.

Feb. 21:
[personal profile] misscam , another wonderful writer, hailing from Norway, celebrated her birthday. I haven't heard or read anything new from her for years, but I recall her comments and stories with a great deal of enjoyment. I hope she had a great birthday.

On Feb. 25 not that many years ago, the lovely
[personal profile] jessalrynn was born. She is a wonderful addition to Doctor Who fandom, writing memorable stories, sharing my love of the delicious Ninth Doctor, and being a generally delightful person in ways well beyond fandom. She's kind, and funny, talented and willing to help others, thoughtful and curious, and I'm very glad I know her. I hope your birthday was a good one, with as much partying (or lack thereof) as you wanted.

Feb. 26: the remarkable
[personal profile] rosa_acicularis celebrated not too long ago, and I am very glad that she has taken to occasional returns to LJ/Dreamwidth. Her writing is spectacular, and she is one of the best fic writers it's been my pleasure to read over the last few years. I hope your birthday was wonderful.

And finally, today (wow, we're in March already!)
[personal profile] filkerdave celebrated. He's not only a fan, he's a filker, someone who writes and performs music that celebrates fandom. When I was a young SFF fan, some of the most welcoming places I found at conventions were filk and folk circles, and I've always been impressed by the creativity of filkers and musicians in general. It's always a pleasure to read his posts and his comments - I hope today was splendid for you, with lots of music, and friends and family galore.

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