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In Haste, But With Heartfelt Good Wishes

As you know (Bob*), I rarely seem to wish people Happy Birthday on their actual birth days. But it doesn't mean that I don't hope that friends and acquaintances won't have not only a great day but a great year over the 364 days after their birthday. So here goes, with my latest crop of delayed felicitations.

Back on Jan. 31, the delightful [personal profile] flowsoffire celebrated. Her work has lately required her to take what's probably a lengthy break from reading and posting, so I'm not sure she'll see this, but I celebrate her nonetheless. She's a Who fan who can write fiction and thoughts about the show beautifully (a feat that's all the more awesome, in my view, because she's writing in a second language); she creates icons, she has been a consistently cheerful and supportive presence in my online life, and in that of others. No matter where her life takes her - and I certainly hope it brings her back here someday soon - I wish that her birthday, her new year, and all the years to come, are filled with fulfilling creative endeavors and lots of joy,

On Jan. 26, or possibly Feb. 5 (I love a mystery)
[personal profile] beccadg celebrated. She and I share multiple fandoms from larger ones like Torchwood and  the Marvel Cinematic Universe to older and more niche comics, television and anime fandoms - Ingress, Arslan Senki and 80s/90s X-Men represent! And let's not forget Jeremy Brett's Holmes ... She is funny, observant, she puts up with a lot in her life and keeps going, in a way I doubt I'd be able to handle. I hope your birthday was good, no matter which day it is, and I'm hoping that the rest of the year is absolutely wonderful for her.

On Feb. 3,
[personal profile] sylleblossom had a birthday. Happy Birthday to a dedicated mom with a fierce love for both her boys and a work ethic about making their lives good despite her own health challenges, and a woman with definite views about life, politics, religion, and the way to live life. I'm wishing you all the best for the you and your boys over the next year - salud!

The redoubtable
[personal profile] scripsi celebrated her birthday on Feb. 8. She writes wonderful and often dark fanfiction, especially in our shared Doctor Who fandom, she is a frighteningly good creator of historical costumes (and I am in awe of that every time I see pictures of her in the clothing she creates), she is a careful and thoughtful observer of life, and she shares her own life with those of us lucky enough to know her online. I'm so glad we share affection for the Thirteenth Doctor, and I hope the coming year is good for you.

Another Feb. 8 birthday celebrant was
[personal profile] harvey_rrit . Although he and I find ourselves pretty much at opposite ends of the political spectrum, we share a love of fandom, a love of writing, and a love of life.  I am glad he decided a while ago to un-unfriend me. He isn't around much on LJ much these days, and I know that he and his loved ones are going through some challenges right now. May those challenges be successfully met, and it would be lovely to see him posting again. Happy belated birthday!

And finally, a pre-birthday wish (what??!?) to
[personal profile] pitry , she who seriously side-eyes giraffes, an educator, a fan of Doctor Who and someone it would please me mightily to see around these parts again. She's set to celebrate on Feb. 12, and I hope she had an absolutely stellar birthday!

* The phrase "as you know, Bob" may come from elsewhere, but I learned it via traditional SFF fandom. It amuses me to use it.

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