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You Want Recommendations? I've Got Recommendations!

Challenge # 8 Rec at least three fanworks that you didn’t create. Recs are such an important part of fandom. They're an awesome way to find new things to love and they're an equally awesome way to share what we already love with others.

One of the things the 
[community profile] snowflake_challenge mods remind participants of is the fact that there are no set deadlines for these challenges, even though all the challenges are set in January. I'm so glad about that, because I am such a turtle-sloth creature when it comes to these things. This challenge really threw me - not because I didn't know what to recommend, because I had too many things in my head, begging to be recommended. 

But I finally figured out what to do, and how to do it.  I've come up with a baker's dozen recommendations. Here we go!

"And Sleighbells in the Snow," by DachOsmin. This is a wonderful story in the fandom for The Goblin Emperor. Csevet-centered.
"The Way We Live Now," by Zlot. This is in the Whoniverse, and imagines an AU in which Rory saved the older Amy. Calm, beautiful and sad.
"The War Was in Color (First) by 
[personal profile] such_heights . My first vid rec, from one of my favorite vidders. Her technical and artistic skills are awesome, and she's put them to use in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Captain America focused, with a healthy hatred of war.
"The War Was in Color (Second) by 
[personal profile] such_heights . The creator revisited the song at a later point in what we knew of the MCU. It's just as good, so I included it. 
"Glosoli" by 
[personal profile] purplefringe  and [personal profile] such_heights . Doctor Who fandom, created by a tag taam of superlatively gifted vidders. Watch and be awed by their command of imagery, their understanding of Who, especially Eleven, and their grasp of pattern and context in Moffat's Who
"Welcome to the New Age," by 
[personal profile] promethia_tenk . I love this Doctor Who (Eleven-centered) fanvid so much, especially the opening. 
An ancient list (as in, wow, this was created in 2010!) of fic recs, almost all in the Whoniverse, so it lacks Eleven (or doesn't have much as far as I can tell), my beloved Twelve, or Thirteen. But the stories are still eminently enjoyable.
"To a Home on God's Celestial Shore," by GlitterDwarf. An OT3 fic based on a 1940 comedy, starring Katherine Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant? Yes, please. It works so very well. 
"Valerie, For Forgetfulness," by 
[personal profile] clocketpatch . From the Whoniverse, but taking an amazing, an amazingly apropos, detour into children's television. It's wonderful.
"Bring Biscuits," by 
[personal profile] faerymorstan . From Sherlock. If, like me, you insist that they can so still be an OT3, hush, then this ribald short is for you. 
"Give My Hands True Purpose," by nooziewoozie. Another one from The Goblin Emperor, which examines Csethiro and Maia's slowly growing love. I've read it repeatedly.
"On a Cold Planet," by 
[personal profile] a_t_rain . This is in the Vorkosiverse and focuses on Byerly, post Captain Vorpatril's Alliance and it's plot-heavy, world-buildingly intriguing, and very satisfying in the romance and character department. 
Finally, Just One Cookbook is a blog site run by Namiko Chen for people who want to learn about Japanese cooking. 

I hope you enjoy some of these!

p.s. Apparently one of my favorite fanvids, "England" by [Unknown LJ tag] , is no longer online. I downloaded it years ago, so I still have it, but it's not mine to upload. If you've seen it, you know how good it is. 
p,p.s. There are a couple of fics and vids I wanted to rec, but this post is already long and link heavy.
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