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Dept. of Birthdays

One More Delayed Birthday Wish

One of the most talented fanfic and SFF writers I've had the pleasure of meeting online is 
[personal profile] canaan , who isn't around here very often, but who celebrated on Jan. 20. She went through far too much medical crap a few years ago; I hope that has moderated or disappeared in the time since I last had the enjoyable experience of communicating with her. May this entire year be good for her and her loved ones, filled with creativity and stability. All the best to you! This entry was originally posted at https://kaffyr.dreamwidth.org/760310.html?mode=reply, where there are currently comment count unavailable comments. You can comment there or here, but prefer to read over on DW. You can comment there using open ID if you don't have a DW account.
Tags: birthdays, fandom, good people, interesting people

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