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Dept. of Resurfacing

Cold Weather and Comfort

I have some delayed (of course) birthday wishes to send out, and some catch-up on Fandom Snowflake to do, but right now I want to marvel at the fact that plummeting temperatures here in Chicago, my oversleeping and missing taking part in the Women's March as I'd planned, and the darkness of winter, haven't dampened my better mood. 

Those plummeting temperatures I mentioned? They've been part of yoyo weather here in the almost-northern Midwest, by the shores of Lake Michigan this winter season. We get a day of weather in the 40s and sometimes 50s, then it drops to the 30s, then it's up to the 40s again, then it drops to the 20s, then it's up for a day ... lather, rinse, repeat. It's harder to deal with than extended periods of one extreme or another. 

Yesterday, we got somewhere between 3 and 5 inches of snow, the first significant snowfall of the season; that storm came on like gangbusters, from nothing at all to "it's difficult to drive with this wind and snow" within two city blocks. Today it warmed up enough to start melting that snow with rain and turning sidewalks to slush. Now there's a cold-weather alert, and the temperature's been dropping ever since early afternoon. We're told to look for winds of up to 45 mph tonight, along with temperatures going down into the single digits. I love living in the Midwest. Of course, what we're dealing with doesn't begin to approach what Newfoundland got - good lord, and good luck to everyone up in Nfld. and Labrador - but it's enough to keep our furnace running pretty much all day. 

But that's part of my rising mood, weirdly enough. We have lights on, so the house is golden, we have Van Dyke Parks' "Tokyo Rose" album on, preceded by an album of Compay Segundo's Cuban songs, which provided lots of sunshine. I'm about to make a very casual (and unhealthy but tasty) egg and salami supper. We'll have a relaxing and warm evening together, and I am satisfied with that. 

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