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Setting Goals? Whoah, That's Just Crazy Talk.

Challenge #4 - In your own space, set some goals for the coming year. They can be fannish or not. 

I'm not sure I'm good at setting goals, although I'm very good at writing to-do lists. They're related, but not the same thing. To-do lists are much easier, of course, even if they're not actually easy in and of themselves. Today, for instance, my list consists of making sure the cat box is in decent shape, cleaning the top and back of my stove, watering plants, doing an invoice for my December Guild work and folding laundry. While there are some things on the list that I'll have to have BB nudge me to get done, none of them are breathtakingly difficult.

Goals, on the other hand? Yeah, difficult. But let me at least try. Let's say two general goals and two fannish goals. Does that work? Sure it'll work. 
  • Being unafraid to become proactive with the Guild members I'm hired to help. Last year's drama and difficulty made me step back in a way that was, frankly cowardly. So losing that unnecessary and counter-productive fear is a goal. 
  • Cleaning out the office, to make it more spacious and livable. 
  • Continue on the path I've taken to a more healthy body, or more specifically, a body whose health suits me. 
Huh; three general goals. Let's look at my fannish goals. 
  • Finish a 2018 [community profile] fandom_stocking  story for one of my final undone gifts (this is horrendously overdue, and what I've started as a multiple fandom crossover is getting wordier and more difficult by the day. Silly [personal profile] kaffyr , to attempt something that might be completely undoable, especially because of the way you approach writing. So, a slight amendment ... finish this or start a new and less unforgiving story for this gift. 
  • Work on the very first original story in years for which I've had some inspiration. It's not 100 percent fannish, but it's one that's right up there in importance to me. 
  • Interact more with online friends and acquaintances: respond more to their posts; take part in their fests and challenges, even if it's sometimes hard to figure out how those fests and challenges work; just seek them out more in general.

And there you have it, six goals I have for 2020. Perhaps I'll come back next year around this time, to see if I met any of them. 

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