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So You Hang Out Where, Exactly?

Challenge #3 - Pimp Your Favorite Communities, Fests or Challenges! ... What makes fandom more fun is when more people get involved. Tell us where the party is ... You never know where you might find your next fandom squee play place!

Oh boy. This is one of those challenges that leaves me vaguely ashamed of myself for not taking part in a lot of communities or fests. Or perhaps, in the low-stress fashion of this challenge, I should say rather that it leaves me very aware that my online fannish life has been rather hermetic.  (Which my brain just misinterpreted as hermeneutic (see whut I did thar) and prompted me to run off to other site to help me remember what hermeneutics are, and then to semiotics ... I am easily sidetracked.)

Nor did it help to find out that one icon community I was going to pimp, 
[community profile] iconomicon - filled with a cornucopia of icons of all kinds, from the occasionally problematic to the sidesplittingly and/or brilliantly funny - is no longer usable. The site's creator hadn't updated since 2012, but he'd left so may icons in previous posts that I could have mined it for years, and have done so as late as early 2019. Unfortunately, he apparently used Photobucket (ptui) to host them, and Photobuckapocalypse caught up with him. I checked the site last night, and all of the icons are blurred out, with photobucket's stupid wording across them. Gah, and bah. 

But after a few days of indecision I decided to stop being indecisive. So here are a couple of communities and fests that I think represent the best of fannishness;at least my brand of it.

(First, a moment of silence for Television Without Pity, my first major interactive fannish site. Friendships I started there led me to LJ/Dreamwidth, for which I will always be grateful. Plus, Jacob Clifton's Doctor Who and BSG recaps ... but yes, let's move to extant communities.)

First, I'm going to praise Archive of Our Own. AO3 is where I've found so much great fanfiction from books, shows, and more. But it's also an arm of the Organization for Transformative Works, and that is an extended fannish community whose importance I can't over-exaggerate. Even though I don't venture too far into OTW beyond AO3 (god, I love acronyms), when I have, it's been fascinating. I urge folks to explore all the OTW efforts. 

A Teaspoon and an Open Mind is a well-run Doctor Who fanfic archive, and it's where I first read good fanfic, which in turn resparked my own writerly instincts. If you're a Doctor Who fan, you'll find stories there that will suit you. Although the vast majority of stories are Tenth Doctor-focused, there are hundreds of stories focusing on every single Doctor, from the first through the Thirteenth, and stories covering every DW-connected side project - Torchwood, the Sarah Jane Adventures, Class, Big Finish, you name it. A definite thumbs up to this site, even though it probably doesn't really count as a community. 

Any site or fest created or modded by 
[personal profile] thisbluespirit , who is wonderful, and who has successfully run or co-run neat fests, and communities, like [community profile] tardis_library . If you're a Doctor Who fan, if you're a Sapphire and Steel fan, if you're a David Collings fan ... check places like [community profile] fandomcalendar [community profile] fandom_on_dw , or [site community profile] dw_community_promo  to find some of her awesome efforts. 

[community profile] fandom_stocking , which until now has been the only fest I've ever taken part in,  It's a holiday exchange that has allowed me to gift folks I know (and many I don't) with stories, pictures, holiday wishes, etc. I love it. I completely understand the community creator taking a year off. I hope she is able to do something in the coming year, but if not, I'll always love it for the many years (!) of joy it provided.

And finally - Dreamwidth/LJ themselves. I see Dreamwidth/LJ as  cities (interconnected these days), with dozens, if not hundreds, of small neighborhoods. Even now, when long-time residents mourn this or that exodus from here to elsewhere *cough*tumblr*cough*, I have found enough neighborhoods filled with friends and potential friends, that I am happy to stay here. I like long-form writing and commenting, and these sites provide the opportunity for that type of communication. So, to Dreamwidth/LJ - all my love. 
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