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Where was I this time last year? Where was I this time 10 years ago?

I'd planned to write something meaningful, or at least witty, about the new year coming on. I'd planned to be snarky about the number of people going on about the past decade, because FFS, wasn't 2009-2010 just last year?

But the day got longer and I had to prepare for going out to be with friends, and I kept thinking of all the things that were horrible about 2019, and all the hopes and fears I have for 2020, and all the changes that I've experienced; that my family has experienced; that my friends have experienced. 

So all I can say is that I'm still the same person. The body's changed, not necessarily for the better, but not all for the worse. I've left a job I used to love and came to hate. I've fallen into a job I have absolutely no training for, have put my foot in it from time to time, but haven't been kicked to the curb yet; I've still got the love of my life by my side; I still have a son of whom I'm tremendously proud and a brother of whom I can say the same.  I'm still the person who head-bangs to rock and roll in the shower. and loves jazz everywhere else. 

And you? You're still my friends, and I'm still abso-fucking-lutely lucky to have you. Thank you. 
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