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Lists, Or I Don't Happen

1)I have been busy. As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, my work blew up, largely because Tribune Publishing's board of directors has been taken over by a newspaper/news outlet killer (Google "Alden" and "Tribune" if you're interested; I'm not linking, since I did some of that in the earlier post, and it just makes me sad/mad.) and Tribune has also decided to shut down its Spanish-language newspaper - in a city that's 29 percent Spanish-speaking.

So there are campaigns being planned and undertaken. And, because it's Chicago, there as assholes in the union being assholes. But there are others who are working hard and are sweethearts. So there's that. I did some lobbying - my first ever - on Friday, and will be doing more Monday morning, in order to get signatures on a community petition to save Hoy or at least get the company to commit to continued Spanish-language coverage, with jobs for the editorial staff. 

2) I am sad - make that close to very sad - that [community profile] fandom_stocking  isn't running, apparently. I know it's been a big job for the community mod, so I don't begrudge her. I wish we could get news on her; I hope she's OK. (I  did get one long-delayed IOU  from last year's stocking completed this past week. Go, me, I  suppose. 

3) I have just received my first holiday cards - hi,cathica</a>and [personal profile] eaweek ! That's the signal for me to start my card writing. And that I'm looking forward to. However, BB and I are wondering whether we want to do a tree and decorations this year. We're tightening our belt because my Tribune checks are now over (I think I get one more), so as of January, I will be contributing Social Security and possibly a small (very small) pension to the household.

Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, our family - Andy and Miss Em - may not be coming home, and they really are the reason we've held onto traditions thus far. This, combined with our complete exhaustion after even our very small Thanksgiving, is making the idea of finding a good tree, hauling the decorations out, etc. somewhat difficult to contemplate.

4) I am still trying to put together a response to someone who commented on my last very political post. The person deserves a thoughtful reply, and I told them so in a placeholder response, but I haven't been able to get the spoons together to do it. 

5) Good Omens update:
  I've read up to and past the "and" chapter in the GO lengthy "Crowley sees a trauma counselor" fic. I continue to be impressed by the care and skillful creativity of the writer. I am intrigued by the characters, and what the writer is creating and saying. I'm still not drawn in. Ah, well. Doctor Who begins in, what, fewer than 3.5 weeks now, and that I can get excited about.

6) Poetry Update:
  Afraid I'm going to have to send "The Ode Less Traveled" back to the library, with only the first two chapters read. But perhaps another time, another try. At least I now know the various types of pentameter ... 

And that's about it. I need to go and get the rice-cooker ready, and chop things up for stir-fry. 

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