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Dept. of Friday

So Here It Is, The Weekend

Work situation: I made it through the week, and I ended up knowing who I'm reporting to, at least for now. I was right, it's someone I can work with,and that pleases me. I was able to hand off a particularly unpleasant situation to him, allowing me to potentially maintain or improve a relationship with a difficult union person, someone I need to deal with in future. I also got through a relatively frustrating conference call, and I have things that I can complete this weekend. So hurrah. 

Even better, though: I learned that the works of the late John M. Ford, most of which have been out of print for some time, are going to be reissued by Tor. I have only read one of his works, "The Last Hot Time," and I've read it five or six times, possibly more, but this gives me the chance to look forward to reading more. Ford, who died too young in 2006, was known and loved by people I know and respect. He was, by all accounts, a brilliant polymath, equally gifted in poetry and prose, and much much more, and blessed with both mordant wit and rampant silliness - I've long regretted that I never took the time at Minicon to watch his "Ask Doctor Mike" presentations. So yes, better late to the party than not at all. (Oh, and how much do I love "The Last Hot Time"? Enough to want more of that world, enough to wish that, in his tragic absence, there was someone to write good fanfic in the world, enough that I'm glad that no one has attempted it.)

And finally, in the Yes, I'm Too Obsessive department; am I completely delusional in seeing a particular Crack at around 32 seconds into this delightful fanvid by 
[personal profile] such_heights ?

Now, off to clean my teeth and build a Big Ass Martini with which to enjoy far too much anime. 
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