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I've been collecting pins of Eleven and River, and remembering how much I loved them. Of course, I've also been collecting pins of Twelve and River, because I love them, too. But Eleven and River ... sigh.

I'm slowly getting through the GO "therapy" fic, as I probably mentioned somewhere else, said she of the short term memory problems. It's very, very good. Good enough that even if I did mention it in another post, I'm happy to mention it here.

I've gotten back up on the union bicycle with a bit of a positive vengeance; the only part of the process that makes me sad is that it comes as my first boss was indeed moved off the job. I have yet to find out how the transition is going, and how it will affect me, and I'm going to politely, but aggressively, ask someone in the know to fill me in, damn it, tomorrow I need information! Still, yes, getting more organizing tasks given to me, and a pretty up front suggestion that this may be what keeps me on the payroll.

I finished the memo my old boss told me to write, which I thought of as "assess yourself, but try to be even-handed about your past successes and failures, and what you'd like to do in future," and which Bob initially called my "you apparently really want them to fire you, stop telling them how much you fucked up" memo. I made some changes, he was satisfied, I sent it off ... and I haven't heard anything further. Oh well, whatever.

For the first time in years, I've had the inspiration for an original story, one that might be good enough to follow, finish, polish and possibly send off (although that's looking too far into the future. It involves one of those awful, but apparently necessary (or why else are they proliferating across urban and other landscapes? A whole paper could be written about the sociological permutations of the damned things) massive rental storage places, a character with no home and failing magic, and ... yeah, we'll see.

That's it.

Impeachment inquiry hearings? Augh. GymJim Jordan, double augh. Devin Nunes, triple fucking augh.

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