kaffy_r (kaffy_r) wrote,

Dept. of Birthdays

Many Happy Returns of the Day ...

... to cathica, one of whose major talents is writing stories that stick with the reader long after the page is turned. Since she excels at writing horror, that is a dangerous gift, at least for her readers - and yet well worth the shivers. She also writes beautiful stories, full of emotion and observational wisdom, many of them Whoniversal fic, in which field I first discovered her. Her secondary talent lies in the inspiration she provides me, to be a better writer. In fact, I kept at "Hearts and Moons" for more than a decade because I wanted to honor a long-past prompt from her. She is also funny, thoughtful, and a definite pleasure to know. And since she and I share some geography, I swear that I shall some day have tea with her. 
Happy Birthday - may the day be good, and free of bears!

Oh, and she has the most beautiful handwriting I've seen in decades, and possibly my entire life. 

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Tags: birthdays, fandom, good people, interesting people

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