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It's Finally Arrived, My Official Old Age.

Today I went down to the Social Security Administration and applied to begin receiving my Social Security as of January, 2020 (first check to arrive in February.) I'd have liked to have held off until later in the year, or perhaps even until September, which would have put me at 65, and able to close to 100 percent of what I'd get at 66 years, two months (which is my official "You get 100 percent of what you could get" age). But finances dictate me getting somewhere around 89.69 percent, and I'll live with that. 

Seriously, I'll live with that amount permanently. Those of us who put years of money into that very social security fund are allotted a finite, fixed amount of money. If we choose to take it out early (one can take it out any time after one's 62nd birthday), we have to stretch that money longer. 

If I have a pension in Canada, that may shrink what I get in SS here. I have to check. I don't have a pension here, or I'm pretty sure I don't (my recollection is that Conrad Black put paid to whatever pension Pioneer might have offered me, way back in the 1990s.) I'll find that out, and if that's the case, I'll let SS know, and that would quite probably cut into my SS. 

On the other hand, I was told today that this past year's buyout money is "unearned income," so they aren't interested in taking back any SS money because of my 2019 money from the Trib. 

My caseworker's answers about the union money I'm earning was more confusing, so I'll have to recheck with her on it, but I think that even if the union money continues next year. and even if it might cut into SS, it would only cut into anything I make beyond 17,500-18,500 a year. So there's that ....

And all of this is simply to say that I feel much better about having gotten this ball rolling, and particularly happy that it was taken care of so quickly, and with such a helpful and friendly public servant. My Trib buyout check stops somewhere around the middle of next month; knowing that I have some income on the way thereafter removes a lot of stress. I do have some money to tide me over until February, and I have money to pay for COBRA medical benefits until next September, when I qualify for Medicare. (Pause here for the 30-second hate, directed at the American "medical system".) 

And that's how my day went. How about you?
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