kaffy_r (kaffy_r) wrote,

Dept, of Personal Meandering

So. Saturday.

As of today (or more precisely late yesterday afternoon), the following achievements had been unlocked at Casa KathBob: 
  • New passport for BB received and old, sneaky, hiding-for-too-longy old passport torn up;
  • Garbage disposal unit tightened and back in non-leaky working condition;
  • New microwave installed, and celebratory cups of reheated coffee drunk;
  • Soft cast off wrist/forearm, and decision not to get expensive second set of X-rays done approved by doctor, with subsequent graduation to removable splint.
  • Back spasms slowly, slowly fading - not nearly fast enough of course, but fading.

What this all means in this first world household is that I'm trying to decide how much typing I can now do, since the wrist and forearm are still occasionally delivering painful twinges when held or turned in certain directions. I want to be able to restart my fic writing. I mean, I can see the end to my Shaun/Donna/bunches of others fic. It's there, right ... there! 

It also means that I can rev up the union work. Cast and back spasms really slow one down, if one is not, say, as determinedly dedicated to a cause as one might or should be. Some people battle through horrendous pain and reach heights the rest of us cannot reach. Others *cough*me*cough* become whinging wusses at the slightest pang of hurt. So yes, ridding myself of all my various types of pain asap is much longed for.

So wish me luck, y'all. 
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