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Catching Up With Good People

Many happy returns of the past day (Oct. 24) to the long-vanished 
[personal profile] lolmac , who was a bright and cheery presence online, whether through her responses to my posts, or through her witty and creative lolmac meme generations (Richard Dean Anderson FTW, whether that was in MacGuyver or Stargate). I hope she had a great birthday. and that we'll someday see her again around here.

Another Oct. 24 birthday; 
[personal profile] cosmiccoz , who has long since departed these stomping grounds for other platforms. I miss them, and think of them with affection. I hope they had a good birthday, and that their life has provided joy and creativity since last we connected. 

And finally, reaching back all the way to Oct. 18, I offer not just birthday wishes, but a wish for the entire coming year, to 
[personal profile] owlboy , who celebrated back on Oct. 18. If you're looking for incisive meta, wonderfully sideways humor, for someone who doesn't suffer fools gladly, but who could outdo Francis of Assisi when it comes to the care and gentle love for all creatures big and small, whose artistic and writing abilities are happily remarkable - someone who is, in short, an epic person to know - look no further than this remarkable individual. I'm definitely glad to know them, and I hope that Oct. 18 was good for you. May the coming year also be wonderful

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