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Relearning Poetry

I have written poetry in my time; mostly blank verse and the occasional ABABADADEE sonnet, including this one.

It's been years, though; my creative juices appear to have most recently watered my fanfic rather than poetry. And by "most recently" I mean thelast few years.

But somewhere in the copious spare time I had between reading the increasingly long, monstrously fluffy and feathery reply strings below my Oct. 6 Good Omens post and trying to keep up with daily work, I read a post by maia, in which she wished someone would write a Good Omens poem, one done in terza rima, with alternating trochaic and iambic tetrameter.

Oddly, this post (which read to me in large part like phrasing in a foreign language) coincided with my own growing desire to a) start writing poetry again and b) learn more about formal types of poetry, particularly sonnets.

She suggested I look for Stephen Fry's book 'The Ode Less Traveled: Unlocking the Poet Within." On a whim, I decided to check Chicago's library system and sure enough it was there. So I have it for a couple of weeks, and I'll take a dive into it. On the other hand, I'm also trying to take a dive into the scholarly review of fandom's creative works culture, and that's not going very fast. We shall see. Still, it's an interesting feeling to want to challenge myself. 
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