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I realized I'd written three checks on a closed account, when informed that one had bounced. Said information came via an 8 a.m. phone call. Realized the check bounced because I'd mistakenly thrown out checks sent to us for an account opened upon the closure of the old account, thinking they were the old checks. 

With me so far?

Whilst looking for the new checks (which, as mentioned, were long gone), found Bob's missing passport. In a drawer both of us had checked approximately FIVE MILLION TIMES. Found, obviously, after passport was canceled and new passport was paid for. 

Meanwhile, the garbage disposal still leaks.

On the bright side, a locksmith (who happened to be Canadian huzzah we always find our people) was able to change the lock on our mailbox, enabling us to get our mail. We haven't been able to do that since I lost the old post box key. 

Which I now expect to find.

So, in summation: 

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