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Men With Brooms

You folks out there are having a cosmically wonderful time with Good Omens. 

Allow me to share something of far less import. Or at least far less import to anyone - anyone at all - other than me. 

For whom it has great import. 

Men With Brooms (see the title, above, she said with Canadian obviousity.) 

It's Canadian, y'all. It rocks.

Actually it's all about rocks. And brooms. 

And curling. 

And beavers. 

And surprisingly poignant examinations of love. 

Some remarkably sophomoric humor FTW.

(Also a few unwoke jokes that I thought were funny back then. Not so much now, but don't let that stop you. They can be ignored. Or possibly forgiven, if one's in a forgiving mood.)

I first watched it back in 2002. We had a VHS of it, which we subsequently loaned to someone who never gave it back. I was inconsolable (for various not-quite-cosmic powers of "inconsolable." I was irritated and vaguely unhappy, and eventually kind of consciously forgot about the movie, while mourning it subconsciously.)

A couple of notes: 

Anyone who loved Due South already knows Paul Gross. Did you know he has snow white hair now?
Anyone who's been watching the Expanse can spot the Martian functionary in the cast.
Anyone who knows and loves Canadians stands a reasonable chance of understanding this. And possibly - possibly - loving it. 
And if you love it, I may just love you a little bit.
Finally, curling is a fantastic sport, and it's addictive to watch. Fight me.

Here, have a couple of very important film clips. (Sorry that they're the kind that come from Movie Clips.)


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