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Good Omens, Part the First and a Half

Many thanks to
[personal profile] elisi for finding me so many links to read about both the book and the television series - I'm diving into one of owls' pieces now. I will be responding to your comments on my previous Good Omens post, but I need time and brain.

What I can tell you is the following:

a) I am impressed with the depth of intellectual diving being done by people, and with such obvious joy.
b) Who knew there was a Good Omens fan base in the 30 years prior to the series? (Oh, people who read the book prior to immediately before the series, and people who, unlike me, really fell in love with Pratchett's work.)

I hunger for - I'm fucking starving for - something like this that I can fall in love with.

This isn't it, at least not as far as I can tell. I can't tell you how sorry that makes me. Truly.

Because I miss being able to love something this deeply and unconditionally, in the company of like-minded fans. I want my Who back. I even want the newest Who back, because I love Thirteen, and I love each member of her fam. They deserve more than they're getting - but I digress.

The cynical part of me is snickering at myself. "Self," it snickers, "You want that because it was always easier to do emotional meta - out in a huge dripping bulk of pseudo- and quasi- poetic run-on sentences - than it is for you to FUCKING PAY ATTENTION TO LONG FORM WRITING. How about that book on fandom you bought, you short-attention-span wuss? Huh? HUH??!?"

To which I say, "Well, yeah. And your point?" And off I go, muttering imprecations at myself.

And I'm still hungry. I'm still yearning.

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Tags: fandom, good omens, meta, television

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