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Dept. of Mercy Mercy Me

Climate Strike 2019

Around the world yesterday, millions of people challenged climate deniers to stop being criminally stupid and greedy, in order to stop the end of the world. I hope Climate Strike 2019 actually helps. I desperately hope so - me with my recyclable bamboo toothbrushes, my environmentally sound toilet paper and paper towels, my reusable bamboo straws, efforts to take public trans and not drive quite so much ... maybe it's just Middle Class White Woman guilt, but maybe doing those things, and pressuring politicians and businesses, can have a positive result. Maybe. I hope.

Anyhow, a day late, but here's a shot from the Evanston Climate Strike event that BB and I went to. There were more than 300 people there, most of them students from nearby Evanston Township High School. Students organized the whole thing, and their message was harsh and absolutely right: we don't have any more time to fix this; climate crisis denial is deeply racist as well as scientifically stupid, so stand with POC who are hit first and worst with the results of pollution and galloping climate change; no one can escape, and no one can plead ignorance, so stop dithering and save our world.  (I took more pictures, but most of them have students' full-on faces in them, so I'm not using them. Besides, this one sign says it perfectly.)

There was a much larger event earlier in the day in downtown Chicago, but this event, organized by an ethnically and economically diverse group of pissed off kids, was a tiny glimmer of hope for the future. 

And finally, here's Marvin Gaye's prescient 1971 song, Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology). The very end, with its unearthly keen captures some of the terror of our environmental reality today.

Photo of sign from Climate Strike 2019, Evanston IL

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