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Technology Television, and Books FTW

Bob and I got me an air-fryer (which Bob reminded me is just a fancy name for a small convection oven) as a birthday present, and we tried it out today, creating french fries without the deep fat frying that scares the living bejeezus out of me. I really am afraid of deep frying; a fear that wasn't helped at all by the first episode of Spooks, lo, these many years ago. So having fries that only needed to be tossed in oil? Yesssss!

My Donna & Thirteen & Shaun (oh my!) fic is growing, possibly to the point where I should turn it into a two chapter effort. Thus far, I'm pleased with it, and Bob has given it an approving WIP review. Go, me!

I wish I had something more monumental to talk about, but there you have it. Oh ... have yet to move beyond the first episode of Good Omens, but I will soon. I've also watched the first episode of Carnival Row, and although it's cliche-ridden, I'm enjoying it enough to continue watching. There - wow! Fannish TV. 

Speaking of which, I bought the 20th anniversary edition of  Textual Poachers: Television fans and Participatory Culture, by Henry Jenkins, and I'm gingerly dipping my brain into it. Academic tomes and I aren't the best of dance partners, but I live in hope.

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