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And Kinfolk Are the Weirdest, Amirite?

This is a thing that I have thought about for years. I don't know what it says about me, or about anything or anyone else, but I think I look at it as something like a message from the universe. I'm just not sure what the message is.

When I watch people walking outside my window, or walking through an airport, or crossing a street with me, or ... fill in the blank - anywhere, really - they are, for me, in a state of grace.

Everyone I see, even on a crowded street, exists for me as someone good. They have done nothing wrong.

Sometimes they smile at me. Sometimes they've helped me out - pointed out where I need to go, picked up something I've dropped and handed it to me, joined with me in bitching about the weather. Sometimes they don't even notice me. But they are not harming me.

I know that I have probably seen abusers. thugs, thieves, criminals of all types, probably even a murderer or two, pass me by in my life. But I don't know that about them. And what I don't know, I am able to disregard.

Is this good? Is it a reminder from the universe to try and see the good in everyone? Is it, on the contrary, a distancing tool I use to keep from realizing all the evil in people all around me, or in myself?

Damned if I know. But at least, if you're walking by my window, you'll know that, for those few seconds at least, you're in a state of grace.

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Tags: cognitive dissonance, interesting people, meanderings

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