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Dept. of New Computer

Say Hello to Lenovo Lad

It's not a very original name, and it sounds rather like one of those DC Legion of Superheroes types, but it's nicely alliterative, and until I can think of something better, that's what this new laptop's handle will be. Updates as necessary, of course. The keyboard is somewhat larger than I'm used to, and the power cord is not as sturdy as my old HP's. However, you can tell this is a young and healthy machine; my old one was getting so slow (and not because there was too much on the hard drive, just because it was getting old and tired)

On the 7th day of watching my calories. I managed to stay under my calories today, in part because I did 20 rather painful minutes of moderate walking to and from the grocery store; 10 minutes to and 10 minutes from. I'm truly out of condition when such a walk makes my legs feel as if they're burning up. Still, my reward was being able to have two hot dogs on brioche buns, with a dill pickle and two tablespoons of saurkraut. 


Tomorrow I leap into work again, but it's been nice to only have spent only one hour of work time during the weekend. 

I'm also feeling rather pleased at having written a five page letter and mailed it off to a friend. Not only that, but the letter was handwritten, not erely typed and printed out. One of the lost arts, I know; and I admit that my writing hand cramped up really badly by the end of the third page. I think that it's because of the RA, and because I've always had a bad habit of gripping pens really really tightly. Still, it got done and, by god, I plan to continue doing that. 

I also read two relatively long articles in a back issue of The Nation - the hard copy, no less - without getting up and doing something else in the middle of the operation. I'll consider that another win in my campaign to better my attention span. 

I got a little more done on my latest story; not much, but enough to make me feel good about where the story's going.
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