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Day Five of Trying to Eat Better. Also, Missing Passport is Still Missing

I'm learning that it's hard to avoid sodium, fat, and carbs, but easier to avoid sugar than I expected. I'm also learning that I've become very aware of when I'm hungry now that I'm eating less but that, oddly, I'm not constantly craving or thinking about food. It's vastly different from a situation in which I found myself previously, where I was constantly thinking of food and wanting something even when I didn't need it. It's all pretty interesting. 

I do need to start weighing myself at least somewhat regularly, or I won't know if what I'm doing is working. I figure twice a week, with no expectations of seeing any changes at all for two or three weeks should help me avoid the pitfall of constantly weighing myself, or expecting miracles to happen quickly. 

I also need to change the type of exercising I'm doing, something I think I reluctantly acknowledged in a previous post. Cardio exercises are daunting, but I've at least started with brisk walking. Having the car parked in a garage 2 blocks away gives me an opportunity to do that. 

We still haven't found the passport. I told Bob that we should give ourselves until the end of the weekend to find it. After that, it's time to apply for a new one. 
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Tags: health, home stuff, self-absorption, weight issues

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