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What a Wonderful World

In the interest of reminding myself that things can be beautiful, I found a poem I wrote a while back. It made me feel better, and, since I deluged you (deluged, get it? Get it? See, there was all this plumbing...never mind....) with my cranky maunderings, I'm going to take this chance to remind you that I'm sometimes less than cranky.

Night Rain

A screen, a gentle knock and stutter of rain.
Lightning announces itself silently,
low rumble on its heels coming in with the wind.
I can feel my skin.
Pinpoints, the space between them filled with night air
and the shine of dark wet sidewalk.
One story up, the smell of summer pavement hits me.
I breathe it into the spaces between my points.
Will my skin contain me?
The lightning glows over the lake
I sit very still

and expand into joy.

June-July, 1996
Tags: meanderings, poetry

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