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First Line Meme Time

Taken from a few folks on my f'list. "List the first lines of your last 10 published stories. See if there are any patterns yourself, or have other people say what they notice.

I doubt I'll find much in the way of patterns. No, wait; I
do have a tendency to start with a direct quote. I want to go to other folks' posts to see if I can spot some. (Also, I used more lines for any story that had an opening or line fewer than 3 words.)

1) “I’d say ‘We meet again!’ but I’m not that cheesy. Or a villain. Villains say that sort of thing, I’m reliably informed.” But he smiled as he said it. ("Favor For A Friend" Doctor Who.)

2) “Miss Romanova?”
“Romanov,” Natasha corrected automatically. “I don’t use traditional Russian nomenclature. And it’s Ms, not Miss. But thank you for your attention to detail, Mr. Rawhide. What can I do for you?” ("So What. Big Deal." Marvel Cinematic Universe crossover with The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension.)

3) “Well, this is a proper mess, isn’t it?” The Doctor’s grin was just a tad wobbly. ("Cesium and Desist" Doctor Who)

4) They were there because Yaz asked to see the
Pillars of Creation. ("The Pillars of Creation" Doctor Who)

5) “There is no way — no way whatsoever — that I can pull you back out of there,” Rory said, raising his voice above the grinding of the thing’s fleshy gears. “I’m sorry, Doctor.” ("Floral Makeup and Other Follies" Doctor Who)

6) “Serenity.”
Csevet’s face, normally ivory, was white as paper. Maia put aside the report he had been reading, alarmed. “What is it?’ ("Ulishenathaän" The Goblin Emperor)

7) When the soldiers took him from the King’s tent, he still had on the paper crown. One of the soldiers eyed it, and Lambert thought he’d be cuffed. Instead, the man just sighed, and chivvied him further into the fire-lit darkness. ("A Falcon at Stoke Field" The Shadow of the Crown)

8) Tony Pond-Williams looked nothing at all like either of his parents, of course.  ("Moving Pictures" Doctor Who)

9) “I’m alright. You get some sleep.” ("Cycles" Doctor Who)

10) Jack loved Alonso, and he knew that Alonso loved him. The boy  — he had been a boy, when the Doctor first pushed him onto Jack, much to Jack’s somewhat annoyed gratitude — had grown into a fine man in the years they’d been together. ("The Future in Dreams" Doctor Who/Torchwood)

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