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Dept. of Memorial Day

Death and Honor

It's been raining most of the day here in Chicago, and it's affected my mood a bit. I wanted to acknowledge Memorial Day, to remind myself and others that it's more than the unofficial beginning of summer, or the launch of grilling season, but I found it hard to do. 

I have relatives, living and dead, who were in various branches of the Canadian military. None of them died while serving, so I don't have that experience from which to draw. And as I've gotten older, it has seemed to me a better thing to focus on Veterans' Day - Remembrance Day for me - on Nov. 11, because it focuses on all members of the military, especially the living ones.

It's those living soldiers, sailors, air force members,marines and coast guard members who should be respected, paid well, cared for properly at VA hospitals - and not sent out to die in, or be horribly, painfully injured in, or be traumatized because of, or hardened by killing others or doing worse things during, any of our needless, useless, bloody wars. (I don't know what wars are necessary these days, but I suspect that, with the exception of The Second World War, very few were, are, or will be.)

The dead I grieve for and, in many cases, honor. The living I fear for, and hope that they aren't added to the roster of the dead by next Memorial Day.

At dinner tonight, BB reminded me that Memorial Day has become for many people a day to remember all of their dead loved ones, a time when families go out to cemeteries to care for the graves of those loved ones, and to commune with them in some sense. I can definitely sign on to that, but I don't want to forget those who should have been so much more than cannon fodder.. 

To those among my f'list who have lost friends, family members and other loved ones because they served in the military, I offer my thoughts, and my respect for the danger and ultimate sacrifice their loved ones took on. 
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