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As June Approaches

... I've been familiarizing myself with my new job, learning that there's another segment of the job I hadn't expected to take on, struggling to remain organized as I try to become a mobilizer, and in general adulting the fuck out of life. It's been a challenge, but one that seems, at least at this point, to agree with me.

I'm back on my back exercise kick. After my right hip and leg started giving me non-stop pain, I brought it up with my rheumatologist and she was blunt; exercise was really the only answer. And she's right, of course. I just hate exercise. Still, after only a couple of night's worth of minimal exercise, I'm not having nearly as much pain when I'm in bed, trying to sleep, and I'm pretty certain that it's not some sort of exercise placebo effect, so exercise I will, as long as my admittedly fragile self discipline holds out.

I've been thinking, off and on, about the end of Game of Thrones.

I'm apparently in a minority who didn't have major problems either with the season, or the last episode. It would have been a better season had it been at least three more episodes in length. I could also have seen a slightly different iteration of the ending - with the same outcome, but the final deed done not by Jon but by someone else - as a more robustly built finale.

Still, I thought the ending was well within the reality of the world of Westeros, Essos, and What's-West-of-Westeros, both as originally envisioned by GRRM, and the world created by Benioff and Weiss. The latter have made some bad choices, some tone-deaf choices, and some outright "Jesus, boys, are you that obtuse about race, sex, and class - no, never mind, of course you are. Fucking rich white boys ...." moments.* Overall, though, I think they did good.

Some of the criticisms are valid. Absolutely no doubt about that.

But a lot of the vitriol seems to me to be anger not at the lack of twists, or fan-service happy endings. as many of those griping have insisted. Instead, it seems to me to be anger that the twists weren't the kind the viewers wanted to see, or that story arcs weren't followed in the way viewers felt they should.

Here's an example. "Jaime's redemption arc was betrayed when he went back to Cersei!" Nope, not for a minute. He died a better man than he started, and that's as good a piece of redemption as anyone could hope for in this world.

Another one? "Tyrion acted stupidly!" Nope. He acted just as Tyrion's character has consistently been written and acted by Dinklage - as somone who knew he was smarter than most people in the room, but who periodically forgot that other smart people exist, who can fuck up plans.

Still another one: "Danaerys's character was betrayed!" Nope. Her fate, emotional and intellectual, may have been rushed, but it was always in the cards, and you can go back almost to the beginning - indeed, you can go back to the first season, when she calmly watched her husband kill her admittedly douchey brother in a particularly brutal way - and see it forecast there.

Some viewers also seemed to mistake this show for other dramas on television. Some didn't like the exit of Jaime and Cersei because it "wasn't a big enough payoff," (and what would that have meant? I doubt a lot of them could have given an articulate answer.) They complained that certain mysteries were made much of, then never answered. Oh, you mean, like life. And like GRRM's writing ....

AAAAAgh! I didn't mean for this to turn into a half-baked apologia for B and W, but it seems to be doing just that. I'll stop now. Really. I promise.

Did you know that Benioff's father, Stephen Friedman was a former chairman of Goldman Sachs, formerly chaired the President's Intelligence Advisory Board, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations? I didn't know. I suspect it explains some of the obtuseness. I don't know what the hell Weiss's problem is. He's a Chicagoan, for god's sake.)

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