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Dept. of Birthdays

Happy, (Delayed) Happy, Joy (Really Delayed) Joy

I appear to have come down with a rich, bubbling cold - go, me - but that shouldn't stop me from delivering some much-delayed (as the headline says) birthday wishes. 

On May 3, 
[personal profile] sunnytyler001  had a birthday. I hope she sees this; I know she has had a pretty tough couple of years, and she deserves a much better year now. All the best wishes to you, and hopes for good days to come. 

On May 5, that erudite Liverpudlian 
[personal profile] jjpor  celebrated. He's a treasure for Who fandom, not only for his excellent fiction, but for his cheerful efforts on behalf of the fandom's online communities. I am so pleased that I've gotten to know him online. I hope your birthday was an excellent one, and that your year has continued in that fashion. 

Happy May 9 birthday to 
[personal profile] calapine , who likes Twelve, Eleven, Four and Romana II, Moffat and Missy, all of which I heartily endorse. Also, she likes Sapphire & Steel and Battlestar Galactica and many other things of which I approve. I hope the day in question was excellent for her. 

It's been some time since 
[personal profile] deathpixie  posted, but I hope her birthday, on May 9, was good. I don't know if she's still in My Home and Native Land, or if she's returned to her Antipodean home; wherever she is, I hope she is doing well. 

Two days ago, on May 14, the inestimable 
[personal profile] thisbluespirit  celebrated a birthday. I can't adequately say how much her humor, gentle and wry, has made me smile over the years, or how much her fiction, sophisticated and memorable, has enriched my reading life, although she has probably had the same effect on many other folks. (Oh, and hey - S&S!) May your summer be manageable, may your genealogical and historic. explorations be surprising and fun. and may you continue to brighten the electronic page for some time to come!

And this very day, 
[personal profile] akirlu  celebrated. She doesn't come around much, so I wished her a happy birthday on another platform, and I hope she had one. She is well worth knowing, and although it's been some time since we communicated, I appreciate her. 

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