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Hello, Folks, Here Writes Fandom, Maybe. 

So the redoubtable 
[personal profile] minnehaha  posted an excellent social media manifesto that makes the argument that Dreamwidth is an excellent platform for fannish communication. Here it is

It starts with the assumption that the LJ/Dreamwidth format is perfect for long-form communication - something that was as much a building block of traditional SF fandom as in-jokes, nicknames, letters of comment in zines and horrendously long fan feuds nourished over months and years by some of those LOCs. 

It makes the reluctant declaration that LJ itself could now be considered problematic, then says that LJ's fannish community could successfully make the leap to Dreamwidth by making the conscious decision to do so, thus reclaiming itself from whatever LJ's current operators might do.

(It also notes that Facebook and Twitter don't meet fannish needs for numerous reasons. Although it doesn't mention Tumblr, much of what it says about FB and Twitter obtains to that platform as well.) 

People still love LJ; their memories of its rich existence, history and shared experiences strongly tie them to it. What I like about 
[personal profile] minnehaha 's manifesto is that it doesn't denigrate Live Journal. Instead, it acknowledges it, especially the concepts that fueled the best of it - once again, long-form communication being a major part of that.

In short, it's not "LJ is bad and Dreamwidth is better, so abandon the former for the latter." It's "Our community - our communities - can move here, can be reborn here, as a natural evolution of modern fandoms. We aren't abandoning anything; we're helping our communities and fandoms survive by finding them a new home."

I like that. I hope others like it too, at least enough to consider. Moving to a new house always means walking into empty rooms, and remembering the comfortable rooms one left behind. That's not unrelievedly pleasant. It's bittersweet at best.

But then you fill the new and empty rooms with all the memories of the old ones, and begin the joyous journey of finding new memories as well. 

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