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Hello Again.

So what have I done lately?

Discovered, much to my sorrow, that our new kitty, Vincent, is going to have to be re-homed. Opie, for whom we got Vincent after the death of Phil, initially seemed as if he was going to accept Vincent. That turned out to be a false start, and Opie's emotional health, never too stable to begin with, began to deteriorate. He became inimitably hostile to poor, bewildered Vincent; he now stays inside our bedroom, often under the covers, and we've had to move a cat box in there, because at night, he won't venture out of the room. We discovered that the hard way. Luckily, (at least I hope it's luckily), we may have a potential new human for him. She's coming on Wednesday to observe Vincent, and give us a chance to observe her. If that doesn't work out, a board member for a local re-homing group reached out to me, indicating she'd like to help. I'm so disappointed, but at least I know that Opie will be happier in a few days. He's our prime kitty, and we don't want him miserable.

Have been enjoying the hell out of Andy's stay with us. He was sick yesterday, and had to postpone his return to Seattle, originally set for this morning, so we got one more day with him. I'm just sorry he had to spend some of last night with a 102F degree temperature. He's much better now, and BB and I are fairly certain we won't get what he had, since it appeared to be flu-like, and we've both had our flu shots. I'll miss Andy when he leaves tomorrow night, but I've treasured the time with him. We went out and had a great Indian dinner with him the night before last, and I realized anew how delightful it is to dine out with my adult son. He's wonderful.

Finished one big union-related job (did I mention this elsewhere?) and now have the energy to deal with another job.

Am getting the energy up to start looking for freelance writing assignments. Ugh. I've learned to love this whole "100 percent retired" thing. Needing that extra $70 to $100 a week? Sucks. Still ... not working full time, and not with anyone who makes me want to crawl into a shell and cry. This is good.

Have been ridiculously pleased that I was able to write a crossover fic that included characters from "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension," (surely the most amazing movie ever made. No, really.) and blended them believably with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hey, I'm easily pleased.

May be going to see "Logopolis" on the big screen on March 13, if there are any tickets left. A couple of friends have indicated they want to go, and I know Bob would like to go, and so that's tentatively on our calendar.

Have fallen in love with "The Umbrella Academy" but have only gotten 3 (or four? Gah, my brain ...) episodes in. I can hardly wait to finish the season.

And here - have two pictures of Vincent:

Edited Vincent!


Vincent, shorn.

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