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Dept. of Cold

Sweet Lord, It's Cold

Right now, Weather Underground's nearest amateur weather-watcher puts our temperature at -5F, but with no wind. The NOAA forecast out at O'Hare, says it's -6F out there, with -26F windchill. Being by the lake obviously has some positives for us. Still, I suspect the wind will pick up, and our windchill will drop. 

I love living in Chicago, but the cold, while I acknowledge it as an important formative pillar of the overall personality of my city and its environs, is sub-optimal. Certainly sub tonight. 

Our furnace has been running more or less steadily since about 3 p.m. I donated to an on-the-ground group that provides blankets and food for at least one of the tent cities Chicago's homeless have created. I realized I have some hats and scarves that we no longer use, so I'm going to call around tomorrow and see if there's a place we can drop them off. 

If the cold hasn't deflated our little orange car's tires, which is a real possibility.

And of course, speaking of orange, the Orange Splotch is making massively unfunny jokes about how we could certainly use some of that there global warming now, hyuk-hyuk, and his base undoubtedly is lapping it up. 

Learn the difference between weather and climate, you massive piece of unusable nightsoil. 
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Tags: life in the circus, weather

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