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Holidays: Music, Cards, and the Ambiance Therein

I have to go back to work tomorrow, and the knowledge of that stressed me out so badly that my back went into spasm. Silly of me, since  I may only have 10 more days to go. As a matter of fact, after spending last night in a pain-medication-filled stupor, I had a much easier day of it today, at least partially because I remembered that. 

The weather outside is truly frightful - we're expecting 3-6 inches of snow, but apparently we must get a steady cold rain ahead of that, so that we have a lovely, glassy, break-your-head-and-or-spine sheet of ice underneath the snow. About 700 flights have been cancelled out of O'Hare already, which I think is a little wimpy, but safety is safety. 

I've set up my Christmas and holiday card list, and I managed to get 15 cards done today. I figure if I can do three or four nights of 15 cards each, I'll get most everyone. I'm going to put another post up, letting folks know that they can email me with their snail mail addresses if they'd like a card. 

And, since it's after Thanksgiving, I can happily turn on Christmas and holiday music. My taste tends to carols and quasi-religious baroque-ish and Celtic stuff. Bob's tends to secular American tin-pan alley stuff. We get along fairly well, though, by trading off days. 

But now I'm going to watch Doctor Who. That's a good way to end my vacation. 
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