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Dept. of Birthdays

People Insist On Being Born

Which is, from my point of view, a most excellent choice on their parts. It allows me to know them, and that is quite a gift to me. (I know that birthday people are the ones who should get gifts, but it seems to run in the opposite direction for me.)

Greatly delayed, as always: 

Almost a month ago, on Oct. 22, 
[personal profile] elisi  celebrated. I know she must have had a good day, because she is surrounded by an excellent family, and I know they treasure her. I met her online, through fandom; through her deep dives into the Doctor, and the Doctor's world. Her thoughts, both meticulous and lyrical, are incredibly rewarding meditations on a universe for which we both hold much love. But she's also someone who is kind, and principled, someone whose sense of humor is comfortably aligned with my own. I respect her immensely, and I'm very glad that she and I can interact. Many happy belated returns of the day!

On Nov. 8, one of the most talented writers it's my pleasure to know, cathica, celebrated a birthday. I hope it was an excellent birthday, bear-free, with lots of warmth, and peace, and time to write. We come from the same section of the world, which is what makes it that much more frustrating when I can't manage my time well enough to figure out how to meet her in 3D life. She is both brave enough and talented enough to write horror, and to do it well. I've read her stuff and it's eerie. She is also a gifted fanfic writer, as some in my circle undoubtedly know. All the best to you, starting with your birthday and going for the entire year!

And on Nov. 11, I hope that 
[personal profile] kerravonsen  enjoyed her birthday. She is creative in so very many ways - writing, creating jewelry and art, experimenting in ice cream - and I am constantly amazed at what her hands and mind have wrought. She is a dedicated union maid, something we have in common. She is a person of faith, and although I do not share her faith, nor all of the precepts in that faith, I believe that the world is undoubtedly better because she is in it. May your birthday have been a wonderful one, and may it be the start of a fantastic year! This entry was originally posted at https://kaffyr.dreamwidth.org/714651.html?mode=reply, where there are currently comment count unavailable comments. You can comment there or here, but prefer to read over on DW. You can comment there using open ID if you don't have a DW account.
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