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Daughter of the Heart

I have a daughter who isn't, quite. But I'll claim her to the extent I can, because I love her.

I met her when she started going out with my First Born, probably somewhere around early 2002, and I remember the feeling I got, perhaps the first day I met her, of "I like this girl!" During the time (perhaps a little under two years) that they went out, she spent many, many days and nights in our home. I met her parents (dad, quirky but great; mom ... not so much.) I met her twin sister, who was a fantastic young woman in her own right. I learned to appreciate her gifts in art, in thought, in dress and wit, in kindness, in wisdom beyond her years.  Sure, she had faults - still does; but that's because she's human. I don't care; I love her.

When she and FB broke up, we all managed to stay friends despite a few difficulties along the way.  She moved away from Chicago to pursue her education in art, and we thought of her often, wished her the best, and wished we could see her more.

Recently, she had some terrifically unsettling and very unhappy difficulties in her adopted city; someone she loved and trusted turned out to be a raving psychotic sonuvabitch(tm), so she returned to Chicago for a brief time. We had the chance to see her, twice, and one of those times was last night, at a small get together with her, her sister, two of her friends, FB and a buddy, BB and me. It was fantastic, with Bollywood videos, very stiff drinks created by my spiritual daughter, a lot of laughs and hugs. Tomorrow, she heads back to her adopted city, and we are all hoping her network of friends down there will help her deal with the sonuvabitch, protect her from him, and allow her the space to get on with her fabulous life.

You may not know her, but trust me, she's one of the people who make the world a better place.
Tags: family, good people, lovely things

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