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Fashion Rearward

Terri: Worthy of Respect, Y'all
     Seriously, people, this lady has put out some of the most consistently creative, intelligently designed and well constructed outfits I've seen on Season 5 of "Project Runway."
   (Now cometh the cut for those of you who wish to be surprised and delighted by PR on a delayed basis.)
     And she hasn't yet won one of the weekly competitions.
     This week, the challenge was to create an outfit for a drag queen. Terri put together a kabuki-cum-techno-road-warrior for her very tall and imposing client. It absolutely rocked the runway, making art and drama blend so beautifully and outrageously, that I thought it a shoe-in for this week's win. It didn't. The win went to another excellent piece, by another talented designer, Joe, but I honestly couldn't see why he wasn't leaving the stage as an honorable second. (Then again, I thought Jerrell's outfit deserved to be in the top three, not Korto's. That's why I'm not sitting up there with Kors and Nina and Heidi.)
     At least we got rid of Daniel. and will not have to sit and listen to him tell us how his high-end style sense was so much better than everyone else's.
     And that's the way I see it, she said, indulging in her own not-really-guilty pleasure.
Tags: project runway, shallow, silly, television

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