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Dept. of End of the Weekend

Wow. Such Inactivity. Much Inarticulate. Wow.

I've been completely AWOL over the past couple of weeks, at least in terms of posting. Getting back to work, dealing with My Boss, The Douche, has taken too much brain power for me to be able to say anything intelligent. 

I've been at creative loose ends since completing "Hearts and Moons." I'm working on the last of my fandom_stocking IOUs, but I find myself thinking, "Oh, I've got to work on -" and then come to a complete stop. Oh. It's done. It's finished. What do i do now? I'm beginning to think that I need to have a novel-length piece to work on constantly, or I'm not happy with my writing.  That's a little weird. More than a little, especially since I don't have much of an idea about what I could make into a full length story. I feel like I want to do something with Twelve, but I don't know what. Or possibly Clara and Me. Again, I don't know what I could do. 

In far more superficial and silly news. I've decided that I like having artificial nails. I got french tip acrylics (Wow! She knows the lingo!) for the wedding, and I loved them, although it's been difficult to type with the length I chose. So Friday, I went to a local nail salon that had been recommended to me; I had the nails "filled" - having the hard acrylic gel ground down and reapplied to cover the section of nail that was freshly grown out - and I had the tips ground down. They aren't quite as elegant now, but it's much more easy to type. And they still look great. The only downside is that the nail technician actually uses a Dremel tool to grind down sections of the extremely hard acrylic finish. And no matter how careful the technician is. the tool also occasionally grinds portions of the actual finger. Yes, it's painful. 

I've spent most of my life biting my nails to the quick. On those occasions where I've let them grow, they've been thin and so sharp that I've actually cut myself with my own nails. And they've split and been pretty ugly. So getting fake nails that look lovely and are hard as, well, nails, without being uncomfortably sharp? It's wonderful. 

(I did think, while the nails were really long. of how much of a class thing having long nails is. It's basically saying to the world, "I don't need to work with my hands, so I can have really unworkabley long nails."

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