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Dept. of Birthdays

Birthdays To Be Celebrated

Several exceptional people celebrated birthdays this month. In addition to my usual laggardly habits, the approaching wedding put most of them completely out of mind. Now that the wedding is over (and I promise that I'll talk about that in another post) I have time to appreciate their anniversaries. 

Happy Birthday (on June 8) to 
[personal profile] acciochocolate , she of wonderfully diverse musical tastes, a love of aromas (yay! I love aromas, too, so this is an excellent love, as far as I'm concerned), and of poetry (another shared interest), and finder of unique and interesting things on the internet. She and I share several fandom interests as well (Doctor Who, the Granada Holmes, and others,) which is fun, but she's just generally a lovely person. I hope that your birthday heralded the beginning of an excellent year.

[personal profile] livii  celebrated her birthday back on June 9. She doesn't hang around LJ much these days, but I always enjoy her when she is around. She has written elegant and mature fanfic, and her clear eyed fic reviews always impressed me. She's a devoted mother, an observer of politics and the world in general - and she, like me, hails from The True North Strong and Free. All the best to you!

On June 11 
[personal profile] time_converges  celebrated a birthday. Like me, she's a fan of Doctor Who (and the formidably wonderful Donna Noble), Battlestar Galactica, and Leverage; she also is an alumna of Television Without Pity, of blessed memory. I hope she still drops in from time to time, because I want to wish her the happiest of belated birthdays. May 2018 be a fine and rewarding year for you.

The delightful 
[personal profile] eaweek  celebrated her birthday on June 16. It may seem odd, to say of someone one knows only in 2D, that one is fond of them, but that is the case with her. We share fandoms, many musical and reading tastes, and the occasional political view. Sometimes, when I think I'm babbling or shouting into the ether, she will come along to hold conversations with me - I treasure that. I hope your birthday was a good one, and that it launches a year of interesting work, easy family times, and fun. 

Today - June 25 - has been 
[personal profile] autographedcat 's birthday, he of fine and thoughtful movie and book reviews, a remarkable talent for filk music and a shared love of Doctor Who and political discourse. I hope people have given you a fine birthday, with as many or as few presents and celebrations as you'd like. And may every day from now on be rewarding, and filled with friends and creativity!

Another birthday that I didn't manage to miss is that of the phenomenally talented 
[personal profile] joking , who is, sadly, rarely around these days. I share a delight in Doctor Who, Leverage (and the OT3s she likes in those fandoms), in fic writing, and it would delight me to know that she had a great birthday today, and that she is doing well in general. Happy Birthday!
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