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Happy, Happy, Birthday Wishes

Here I am again; I disappear for days at a time, largely because I can't think of intelligent or interesting things to say. I haven't wished people Happy Birthday for the past month or so, and there are so many people who I wanted to congratulate for having another natal day to celebrate.

[personal profile] sunnytyler001  - I hope your day, on May 3, was one of peace. The past year has been very hard for you, I know. May it become better.

Happy very delayed birthday (May 5) to 
[personal profile] jjpor , one of the best Who fic writers it's ever been my delight to read - careful, adept with rich plot and character development, blessed with a sense of how to interweave drama and world-building. He's also a lovely person, and I'm glad that I know him to the extent I do.

On May 9, 
[personal profile] calapine  celebrated. I always enjoyed reading what she writes, when she's around. I hope the coming year is good to her. 

And to the lovely, the talented, the one and only 
[personal profile] lost_spook , my belated well wishes. You've introduced me to so many corners of fandom that I wouldn't have been able to enjoy without you, and I'm so glad you did. I hope your May 14 birthday was lovely!

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