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Dept. of Big-Ass Birthday Acknowledgements

Birthdays, Birthdays, Wonderful People Had Them - Hi, Wonderful People!

There are a lot of you out there born in the short month of February, and I want to acknowledge you all.

Back on Feb. 5,
[personal profile] beccadg enjoyed a birthday - at least I hope she enjoyed it. She's a fellow Arslan fan, as well as a fan of Torchwood and Classic Doctor Who. She appreciates heroes in great coats, which is all that a woman of good taste needs to do - and she appreciates the wonder that is Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes. I'm glad I know you, and I hope the coming year is good to you.

On February 8,
[personal profile] harvey_rrit celebrated. He and I come from very different ends of the political spectrum, but I'm always impressed by his wit, and I hope that the coming year is a good one for him. Perhaps some day we will sit down over a coffee, a martini or a decent whiskey, and enjoy a discussion that has nothing to do with politics, and a lot to do with some of our shared interests. Best of luck to you in the new year, and may you make it to Worldcon!

Another Feb. 8 celebrant is the lovely
[personal profile] scripsi , from whom I've learned a great deal more about her particular corner of the world, as well as an appreciation of good historic costuming. She shares my delight in fandom and in fanfic - and does a masterful job of writing fanfic herself. She's even lured me into some writing that made me appreciate some of the quality darkfic out there. While it might not be my cup of tea - getting me outside my comfort zone is something I appreciate, especially from someone who is as sweet as she is.

Happy birthday, only a week or so late (ahem), to that valiant giraffe hunter
[personal profile] pitry , who celebrated on Feb. 12. Not only does she brave the veldt, looking for giraffes to annoy as much as they annoy her, but she braves academe, which I happen to think is much more frightening than a long-necked mule deer. *ducks, runs*  I hope your birthday, and the 364 days that follow, are full of creativity, good pay, companionship, and not too many giraffes!

On Feb. 15, the long-silent
[personal profile] aililinnea had a birthday. She shares my adoration of Christopher Eccleston, and I hope that she celebrated her birthday by enjoying as much of that hugely talented bundle of sex on legs as she could get her hands on. It would be great to see her around these parts again some day. Until that happens, I will simply wish her Happy Birthday, and a great 2018.

The redoubtable
[personal profile] marence had a birthday on Feb. 17, and I wish her many happy returns of the day, although she hasn't been around these parts for a while. I still recall with a great deal of pleasure the afternoon we had in Chicago's Loop, drinking coffee, watching a parade of protesters go by (I can't remember what they were protesting, but we cheered them on), and talking about music. She was, and undoubtedly is, a wonderful person to get to know. I hope to see her again sometime, whether in 3D or 2D life.

What can I say about
lyricalviolet? That she's a friend that I haven't talked to in too long a time, someone I've cheered for, and someone I'm so glad has found a place, and a lover, and a child, and loads of happiness. She celebrated a birthday on Feb. 18, and whether or not we ever get the chance to talk again, I want to celebrate her - a talented singer, actor and writer, a fan I met through our shared love of Dr. Who and Battlestar Galactica, and jacob on TWoP. The world is better for having you in it, my dear; may 2018 be your best year yet.

Another Feb. 18 birthday baby is
wendymr, ex of the British Isles, now in Canada, and one of the first fic writers whose work I read. She was always encouraging, she was definitely the person to go to for a decent Brit-pic, and she shared my enjoyment of the Ninth Doctor. She also shares my belief in the union movement, and in the necessity of caring for the most vulnerable of our brothers and sisters. It's always good to see her comments, and I hope her birthday was a very, very good one.

Someone who has been long away from these parts is
[personal profile] misscam , she of Norwegian pride and Battlestar Galactica fandom. She is an excellent writer, with a keen eye for human nature. Her birthday was on Feb. 21. I would love to see her post again, but I hope her life away from 2D goings-on is fruitful and fulfilling, with many friends, many creatively satisfying endeavors, and at least a cat or two.

Finally, tomorrow, Feb. 25, is
[personal profile] jessalrynn 's birthday. She was one of the people I "met" early in my journey into online fandom, and I'm glad I did. She's another Ninth Doctor fan, and a fellow believer in democracy, and in the America that can and should be. She's a dreamer, and that's a good thing to be. I hope your birthday is a good one, with people around you that you love and care for, and who care for you. 

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