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Dept. of Once More Into the Breach

Things What I Have Done Lately

1. Had (yet another) bout of back pain. Luckily, not major spasms; unluckily, it hurts when I sit at my desk, to type. Which is, you know, my job. Back to the exercises, silly woman!
2. Seen "The Shape of Water," which I thought was close to a masterpiece. I read a very good piece on tor.com by Elsa Sjunneson-Henry, on why she was disappointed by it. She has some valid points to ponder, worth lowering my defensive "but ... but!"s and listening to. Still, I can't help it; I still think it's close to a masterpiece. Perhaps, had del Toro thought about some of the things that she brought up, it might have been even closer to one. Still ... close ....
3. Been put under even more pressure at work. It's painful to talk about, so I won't do it here. Just send me good vibes. I've been down about it, but I want to get up. 
4. Worried about BB. He is my rock, and my beloved, and I wish I could do so much more for him than I can. 
5. Made hotel reservations for FB's June wedding. Less than five months away ... it's still weird to me; I keep joking (not joking) about how he and Miss Em need to elope, dammit, but this is what she wants. And that's important. And now I have to think about weird-ass Middle American things like buying a mother-of-the-groom dress in the right color. Their wedding colors are teal and orange. Teal and orange. Sweet lord.
6. I found a copy of "Coastlines:The Poetry of Atlantic Canada" and ordered it. I bought a copy several years ago, and then lost track of my copy, and desperately wanted another. The two times I went back to Canada after buying my original copy resulted in fruitless searches. So off to Amazon I went, and I got it, and immediately turned to my favorite poems. And then FB told me today that he had my copy. Heh. 
7. Other things I shall probably remember when I am in bed. 

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