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Dept. of Thanksgiving, Two Days Late

Thankfulness; the Basics and Beyond

I'm thankful for Bob and Andy.They are the center of my world. 
I'm thankful for my brother, Mac. He is part of my heart, and I love him more than he'll ever know.
I'm thankful that my son found Miss Em, and that Miss Em loves him. I'm thankful that I care for Miss Em, too. 
I'm thankful for cats, all cats. I'm thankful for Opie and Phil. I'm thankful that Phil can be with us for awhile, and thankful I know how to say goodbye to him when the time comes.
I'm thankful for my little home. I'm thankful that I finally have a parking spot in our parking lot.
I'm thankful that I'm no longer condo board president. 
I'm thankful for music. I'm thankful for jazz, and for rock and roll, for harp music, for music from the Baroque and earlier, for music from around the world, for bossanova and samba, for the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, for Keola Beamer, for Duke Ellington and Lou Reed, for all the musicians, both instrumentalists and singers. 
I'm thankful that I can still sing in the shower. 
I'm thankful that I have a job worth fighting for. I'm glad I have a union trying to fight for it. 
I'm thankful for unions. 
I'm thankful for people fighting the good progressive fight, wherever they are. 
I'm thankful for Doctors Without Borders, for Mercy Corps, for Unicef, for Black Lives Matter, for Colin Kaepernick, for Bernie Sanders, for Kamala Harris, for Elizabeth Warren, for Raquel Willis, for the American Civil Liberties Union, for Amnesty International, for so many more individuals and organizations who believe in serving their fellow humans and protecting humans' safety, whether that's physical, legal, emotional, or any other type of safety.
I'm thankful for 3D friends who are willing to be my friend. I'm thankful for Sandy, Jack, Dr. Bob, Geri, Neil, Rose, and so many more, including friends from work. 
I'm thankful for the Fourth Estate, stubbornly refusing to die and stubbornly trying to better itself so that it can serve us all better. 
I'm thankful for the sciences, from astrophysics to zoology and everything in-between.
I'm thankful for science fiction.
I'm thankful for science fiction fandom, which may have saved my life back in the 1970s through the 1990s.
I'm thankful for TWoP and for Battlestar Galactica, both of which helped me find other lifesavers.
I'm thankful for Doctor Who, for so many reasons that I'll simply say, it's helped me be bigger on the inside.
I'm thankful for online fandom, which all those things led me to, which opened doors in my head, brought me joy and friendship, and coaxed me back into writing fiction..
I'm thankful for all of you, my 2D friends, who have shared my joys and comforted me in my times of sorrow, who have made me laugh and think, and taken me out of my own narrow world. 
I'm thankful for your patience with me, the quintessential example of a Day Late and A Dollar Short. 
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