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Dept. of ... Hell, I Don't Even Know

Can I Just Ask ... 

What the fuck is it about the toxic intersection of sex and power in this culture?

And why the hell am I even asking the question?

I mean, I shouldn't have to ask. After all, it's become increasingly clear to me that sex - which humans seem to be confused and frightened about at the best of times - collides now, and has collided forever, or at least since our frontal lobes were developed enough to invent nightmares, with power. And that when it does, the result is 99.9 percent sure to be awful. 

And I'm astonished at myself, astonished that my knowledge of this has come to me as some sort of late-life epiphany. I'd like to say that I've known it at least on some level ever since I started getting curious about sex,or at least since I started having sexual feelings, or certainly at least since I began paying attention to myself and to the world around me. . 

But it's come so damned late in my life. Why was I so blind?

There's another post that I might make, that has to do with my life, in connection with this whole sex + power thing. This isn't that post. 

Right now, I'm just back at the first thing I asked. 

What the fuck is it about people taking sex - a glorious thing - and turning it into a tool of miserable, hateful power? 

We're an awful goddamned species. Or at least a miserable species. 

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