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November Start

I haven't been very active online since my last Phil-oriented post. That's a combination of inertia and real life combining to make posting incredibly difficult to assay. I'll try to be more present this month, if not altogether voluble.

Just a few things to say (although I'm going to try to start collecting thoughts as they occur, for later posting.) And I'm going to try to comment on other peoples' posts as well. I can't continue to say that much of my social life is online, if I don't actually participate in that social life.

I honestly can't remember if I mentioned that I went to see "Bladerunner 2049" or not, but I did, and I urge anyone who can, to head out and view it now, before it disappears from theaters. Its ticket sales sputtered at the beginning of its run, so the powers that be may well take it out of the theaters early. I think it's pretty close to a masterpiece from all angles - acting, directing, pacing, plotting, thematic strength, everything. The one thing I can find to nitpick is the sound track, and then only the volume.

I've been slowly watching "Stranger Things 2" and I'm just as engrossed with it as I was with its first season.

My condo association's new president got a trial by fire last week, when we had yet another sewer backup, and he had to learn the ropes of figuring out how to handle things. He chose the wrong plumber to bring in, and our treasurer had schedule another company to come in today or tomorrow. And the new president, while earning an "A" from me in terms of communicating with condo owners about the situation (which also included - you guessed it - a temporary loss of hot water), earned an "F" in communicating information to renters in the building. They live here, and they need to get the information. I sent him over the renters' names and email contacts, and he said he'd contact them, but when I ran into one of them this weekend, he said he'd never gotten any emails, and had wondered about the hot water situation. From now on, I'll make sure that renters get the information.

One satisfying, but extremely frustrating, thing that appears to be happening, is that the new president is seeing some of the problems I saw with our overall sewer system, and is saying "We need to do such and such." He's saying exactly the same things that I did, but he's getting more traction with our treasurer. I hate to say it, but I think that has to do with two things: me not being forceful enough in presenting my arguments over the years and b) the new president being a guy who's a friend of the treasurer's. I don't know which is more central to the situation, but I think you can understand why it's both satisfying and frustrating.

And now I need to get to work, much as that is something I'd gladly avoid if I had the money to do so.

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