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Dept. of More Birthdays

I've Let Myself Get Behind On Natal Greetings

Today, the birthday people are folks that haven't been around lately, or who I haven't had much contact with. It doesn't mean that I don't hope their birthdays were spectacular, however. 

Back on Oct. 23, redscharlach, a very talented fan artist and icon maker with an eye for the essential when it comes to comedic art, celebrated, and I hope it was a great celebration. 

The sweet and elusive 
[personal profile] cosmiccoz  celebrated on Oct. 24, and I hope they had a good birthday. They deserve all the good luck, good fortune, and good health that the world has seen fit to keep in short supply. May that change this year. 

Another Oct. 24 baby, 
[personal profile] lolmac , hasn't posted her grin-inducing MacGyver and Stargate lol pics and gifs for awhile, but I always think of them, and her, fondly. Happy Birthday to you!

Just yesterday, on Oct. 27, theladyoffaerie celebrated, or at least I hope she celebrated. I hope the birthday was full of warmth and friends. 
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