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Very Quick Precis of The Week 

1. After a sleepless Monday night (because when you take water and food away from Phil, as we had to do, per vet instructions,you take it away from Opie, who Does Not Approve) we took Phil up to Buffalo Grove to the specialty vet. He was pretty much as unhappy as I'd expected him to be, and BB and I were both exhausted. Having 4 hours of sleep will do that to you. We ended up leaving him there overnight, so that staff could do the CAT scan (see whut I did thar? Har!) and whatever surgery was necessary. I had almost no spoons left. 

2. We got Phil back on Wednesday, after finding out from the surgeon that she was able to get the polyp, or whatever it was, out of his ear without having to a) go through his lower jaw (!) to get at it, or b) remove his entire damn ear-drum (!!!) to remove it. This was good for Phil and far less expensive for us. But the poor little guy was still worn out by the time we got him back. Now we'll get a biopsy report on the thing she removed from the ear, and, barring anything unusual, which I don't think we'll find, we probably have a cat that has "ear disease" that we'll have to care for in some way for the rest of his life. I can deal with that. 

3. On Thursday I finished Railsea by China Mieville, the first of his works that I've ever read. It was a wonderful piece of dreamwork-cum-Melville-cum-clockwork-philosophizing, plus really great characterization. The story fell apart a little at the end, but it was still a solid B on my personal measuring system. Which isn't really a system. I'm sure most of you know a lot more Mieville than I do, but I'd definitely recommend this one. 

4. Work? I actually got a decent story done, and my editor actually did decent editing, and it finally came out well. After weeks of just doing stories that I didn't care about, it was fun to do one I was actually kind of proud of. I wouldn't have edited it quite the way she did, but she didn't ruin it, and she did ask for more information that I should have thought to get in the first place, so - she did what a good editor did. It was a wonderful return to a kind of reportage that I have little ability to do these days. 

5. Of course, there was Las Vegas. I can't say much about it that hasn't been said by other people. Except, perhaps, Jesus Fuck, humanity. Both bad and good (I'll try to think of the people who risked their lives saving, or trying to save others.) And the death of Tom Petty, one of my favorite rockers, for both his music and his attitude. Perhaps I'll talk about it at another time, but not now. 

6. I've been exhausted all week. Unable to think-type exhausted. It hasn't been the best way to get anything done. But I'll get through it.
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