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Binary, Binary, Binary

Getting There's...Not Quite Half The Fun
What does it say about me that I've spent the last three hours (more or less, given the interspersion of several longish bouts of solitaire) carefully reading through viewer comments on Journey's End, copying some of them, complete with notes on who said what, onto a Wordpad document, with the intention of building my own presumably vast and segmentedly byzantine commentary on the S4 Doctor Who finale? And doing it tonight so that I could be ready for Skiffy's undoubtedly chopped, hacked and otherwise adulterated version of same tomorrow night?
It says I love the damned show,  and that I'm proud of being a media geek. That's what it says. At the very least.
And in other news, how cool is my Bob, my Best Beloved, that he can look in my purse - my purse, through which I went at least twice, a task which included pulling everything out at least once, no small task - and find, where I could not, the music player previously assumed disappeared; my beloved faux-pod, which was lost and is now found again?
Very cool.
How cool am I, to put together so architecturally fraught a sentence?
Oh, cool. Very cool indeed.

*Exeunt, warbling, "Oh, 'twas a dark and a stormy night...."*
Tags: dr. who, fandom, television, twop

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