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Sunday After the Deluge

It took me far too long after my last post to get back online. In part, that's because I last posted the night before the local elections that I had to cover on April 4.

Dear lord, that was a long, long day. I've already whinged about covering six elections and 29 candidates, but it all came to a head April 4. I spent the morning and early afternoon driving about to five polling locations (with, I think, 9 precincts between them), talking to voters and election judges, then high-tailing it back to my desk - late, of course - to write three separate midday stories. They were all due at 2 p.m., so I delivered them promptly at 3:30 p.m. I am blessed with a patient editor, but i'm sure i took years off her life. 

Mind you, the three stories came with pictures I'd taken, and the stories themselves totaled about 59 inches worth of copy by 3:30 p.m., so she got a fair amount of print out of me.

After that, I had about an hour to breathe, and then I started double- checking the numbers I had for candidates (everything was set out on a spread sheet, color coded for if I'd gotten hold of and interviewed each candidate initially, and if I'd written the candidates' stories, then further color coded for if I'd gotten contact information for everyone in each race, then further color coded as to who I'd tried to contact after the polls closed, and who I actually reached. Yes, spread-sheets and color-coding; two phrases I'd never expected to apply to myself or my work ...)

I eventually revised each of the three election day stories (set up to handle a) one particularly important race, b) two school races for one of my communities and c) four races for another community, including three that were specific to that community and a fourth that was shared with the first community. There, now I've completely confused you all.) Revising the stories took place Tuesday night after the polls closed, working until about 10 p.m., with further revisions, as I reached people for quotes, on Wednesday. The stories as finally revised were a total of 79 or so inches. They had better graphic appeal for the stories at this point, since I'd arranged for a couple of our stringer photographers to attend a couple of post-poll gatherings of wnning and losing candidates.

If you've gotten to this point in the post, you'll deserve a pat on the back. Also, you'll have figured out that I was completely wrung out by Wednesday night. I was. I barely managed to drag myself through Thursday and the first half of Friday. By 2 p.m. Friday, I was done. 

The weekend has been a time of getting things done that have nothing to do with my weekday work. I even cleaned the bathroom floor, getting down on hands and knees with a brush and getting into the (eurgh) corners. Yes, it made me happy. Yes, I took a shower after cleaning the bathroom floor. 

Now, my beloved husband is making a late dinner for us, and that is a more than reasonable way to end the weekend. 
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