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Dept. of Signal Boosting

A Very Big Adventure Needs Lots of Help

Since many of you have probably already seen this, and helped boost the signal yourselves, I'll just say that
[personal profile] a_phoenixdragon , one of the sweetest, most hard-working, most imaginative people you could hope to meet, a woman who writes, mothers, binds a family together with fierce intensity no matter what the world throws at her, is about to embark on a great - and expensive - adventure. As someone who moved here 35 years ago with two suitcases, I know what it takes to undertake such an adventure when it's only one person. Doing it with a family is an amazing challenge.

Here's a link to her GoFundMe page. As she says in her message, it's probably the worst time of year to ask for financial help, but if you can do so, know it's going to a very, very good cause. If you can't, let other folks know, and perhaps they can.

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